Busy Day

Hello, Readers! I'm really getting to this blog post late today. It's been crazy. Today all six of the cakes were baked and put in the freezer ready to go. That was it's own fiasco there. Between trying to balance the baking while watching my grandsons and working with a new cake recipe it was... Continue Reading →

First Day of Camp Nano

Hello, Readers! Today is the first day of Camp Nano. I have to admit that I'm struggling to get focused. I've grown accustomed to working around an almost two-year-old's demands for my attention and now that he's not here for the day it's too quiet. While I've always suffered from procrastination issues it's feeling bad... Continue Reading →

Camden’s Journey

Hello, Readers! I have had the great fortune to meet many great authors throughout my journey. One of my absolutely favorite series of novels is written by someone I'm very fortunate to call my friend. Which while seems a little bias I dare people to read these novels and not walk away wondering about these... Continue Reading →

Always Learning

Hello, Readers! Throughout my journey as an author, I can say that the one thing that I've always held value in is continuing to learn new things. Each book that I release is better than the last. I've learned so many new things along the way that I never thought was even possible when I... Continue Reading →

Next Step Release

Hello, Readers! Thank you all for returning. I have to say that the Malevolent Mind cover release went amazingly well. I had a lot of fun getting to know other authors and bloggers. I hope to get a chance to continue to enjoy their company as well. The next step is for Malevolent Mind to... Continue Reading →

Marketing Ideas

Hello, Readers! I am now getting into a part of the writing process that I am admittedly my weakest. However, I am also in search of ways to market my novel to stand out more. I know the normal methods of book release parties, blog hops, and such. I am in the search for those,... Continue Reading →

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