Onto Betas

Hello, Readers. I am happy to announce that by noon yesterday the second draft of Malevolent Mind was completed. I'm so excited about this project. It truly is the best writing that I've ever done. During the next few days, I will give it a read through and correct anything that is needed before it... Continue Reading →

Sunday Snippet

Hello Readers! Happy Sunday! I can say that I have pushed myself up and over that 50k mark on this draft. Things are moving right along with the WIP. Granted they aren't moving at a pace I prefer, but they are moving forward. I have a weekly goal of hitting 15,000 words during the week.... Continue Reading →

Snippet Sunday

  Hello, Readers! It's that time of the week once again where you can sample a lot of varieties of stories from the lovely romance to fantasy, to horror. Before we get to the juicy goodness a brief update on the writing. I'm almost completely finished with the first part of the book. It should... Continue Reading →

Always Working

Hello Readers!! I was going to write a post about Monday being the start of a new work week, but I'm rather one of those people that never stops working for long. I generally take maybe a day off every few weeks to decompress, though I usually tend to get at least some work done... Continue Reading →

Love and Deadpool are in the air

  Hello Readers!! First off let me say the Deadpool movies was awesome! No spoilers, but his crude humor was hilarious. I'm one of those types though. Also, Happy Valentine's Day as well. Now, only the rest. I informed everyone ahead of time, I'm not huge into Valentine's Day. I'm not. I never have been.... Continue Reading →

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