2017, October

Busy Day

Hello, Readers! I'm really getting to this blog post late today. It's been crazy. Today all six of the cakes were baked and put in the freezer ready to go. That was it's own fiasco there. Between trying to balance the baking while watching my grandsons and working with a new cake recipe it was… Continue reading Busy Day

2017, May

Routines are Slipping into Place

Hello, Readers! It's been a week now that I've finally started to feel like we are all getting on a routine. While I have a few things this week to tidy up for the end of the year, we are falling into a way of life that works for me. All that means is that… Continue reading Routines are Slipping into Place

2017, May

Creativity is a Faucet

Hello, Readers! This is a saying I've heard over and over again. That creativity doesn't flow until you start working and continue working on them. While I'm not one that believes you need to write every single day, I do get the relevance of it in conjunction with the faucet of creativity. There isn't one… Continue reading Creativity is a Faucet

2017, May

Mindsets Change with Life

Hello, Readers! Over the last few years, I've discovered a lot about myself. While there are times I can come up with a lot of story ideas if I do not jump on them right away to work on them I lose the frame of mind I need to be in to write them. Now… Continue reading Mindsets Change with Life

2017, May

End of School Chaos and Teething Toddlers

Hello, Readers! Wow, some days go by way too quickly for me. I swear I'm going to get up and be on track and next thing I know the hubby man is telling me it is bedtime. It's completely crazy how that works for me these days. It hasn't helped that our weather has been… Continue reading End of School Chaos and Teething Toddlers

2017, May

Returning to a Schedule

Hello, Readers! I disappeared once again. For that, I apologize, but it could not be helped. My oldest daughter needed my undivided attention while she moved home. It meant that I spent a lot of time rearranging my house and getting them settled. So, I gave my personal life all of my attention for the… Continue reading Returning to a Schedule

2017, April

In my own way

Hello, Readers! I sat down to start work yesterday after finally getting the tiny laptop going. Logging into the word program I quickly typed in the header one. Man,¬†was I so excited to start writing this novel. It's been something I've been thinking about for a few months now, but I needed to do a… Continue reading In my own way

2017, April

Gearing up to Write

Hello, Readers! I'm one of those people where I make the decision to settle down and write awhile before I actually do so. Part of that is procrastination, but the other part is my brain works on some of the other needed bits before you sit down to do the actual writing and that is… Continue reading Gearing up to Write

2017, April

Back After Sickness

Hello, Readers! It's been awhile since I've blogged or done much of anything. I have come down with a severe sinus infection and while I'm feeling much better than I was, I still am not fully recovered. It's a slow process. However, I'm so glad to be able to work again. I'm grateful for coming… Continue reading Back After Sickness