Once A Decision Is Reached

Hello, Readers!!! My husband and I were talking today. He was saying how his brother has a page on Facebook where he shared different tattoos, and that his brother had shared his own and the meaning behind it. Now, my husband and I have had more deep conversations this year than I'd say we have... Continue Reading →

Play the Long Term Game

Hello, Readers! Society as a whole has become all about the quick gain. A lot of people find themselves giving up and quitting things because they become difficult because to achieve the things they want it will take longer than they anticipated in the beginning. I see it every day in my life. Not only... Continue Reading →

Don’t Dim Your Own Light

Happy Sunday, dear Readers!!! I spent last night up for most of it. My mind was too restless to sleep. It was whirring in so many directions that it wasn't even funny. Someone had said something to me, accused me of something that didn't reside well with me. Were they right? Were they wrong? Was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Self #Sundayself

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog! As most of you know I've been going through a lot of personal and life changes. I am currently in the process of gathering all of this information up so that I can turn it into a book. Rather I will put the book up for sale eventually,... Continue Reading →

Fan X 17 and my take

Hello, Readers! I spent Friday and Saturday at our local FanX in Salt Lake City. I was super excited to be going because I'd purchased my husband a photo opportunity with one of his musical idols. As a side note, let me mention the hubby man was a DJ for many years before we got... Continue Reading →

Sickness and Plotting

Hello, Readers! I have been down and out for almost a week with a sinus cold that wasn't going to let go. While I'm not all the way back to normal breathing I feel immensely better! I'm definitely back to being able to handle my own workload and get things done. So, I'm excited to... Continue Reading →

Just Enough Time

Hello, Readers! It's been one of those weeks. You know the kind where you barely make it through it with even a shred of your sanity left. After the work week from Hell that the Hubby Man had and then Friday early morning our toilet hose burst open spewing forth great amounts of water all... Continue Reading →

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