Deep Cleaning and Organization

Hello, Readers! Yesterday was pure chaos. My oldest daughter and I decided to get our craft on. We sat down to work on my Christmas project for my niece. As I'm sure she doesn't read my blog, I will tell you about it. It doesn't matter where my sister and her man take those kids,... Continue Reading →

Forgetting the Important

Hello, Readers! Welcome back once again to my crazy little blog. As most of you that have been following me know that I've been locked tight in a battle with my mentality for awhile now. Yesterday, that all finally changed. Before I explain to you how it changed, let me first tell you what it... Continue Reading →

Ask Yourself This Question

Hello, Readers! Man has it been a few days trapped in a mental battle. My depression had become so out of control and I continued to wallow in it instead of trying to figure out what had put me there, to begin with. Once I quit trying burying my head in the sand and allowing... Continue Reading →

Creative Weekend

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my chaotic musings on this chilly morning. We are in quite a cold snap here in Utah. It dropped so low last night that they released a hard freeze warning for us. Which really doesn't have any effect on my life per say other than it is frigid outside and... Continue Reading →

Falling into Bad Habits

Hello, Readers! It is a brisk morning here. The mountains are gaining snow and we have had rain on and off for a week straight which has been needed here. Fall is my favorite time of year because it is cool and crisp. It is the time where I break out all my favorite sweaters... Continue Reading →

Beginning Anew

Happy Monday, Readers! Today and tomorrow should bring about the actually plotting of the next novel in the Treaty of Dragons series. Over the next two days I should be able to lay out the at least the first round of the plotting, which is writing out the major plot points and with luck...and the... Continue Reading →

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