I Dreamed a Dream

Hello, Readers! As most of you that have followed this blog for some time have seen, I often question if maybe writing is for me any longer. That maybe something has happened that has changed the course of my life. It can and does happen from time to time and has happened on a multitude... Continue Reading →

Mixed Emotion Type of Day

Hello, Readers! Today is a day of great reflection for me. It would be my father's 69th birthday if he were alive today. The sad truth is that he is no longer with us and hasn't been since he was 44. My father had been suffering from severe headaches for quite some time. He'd been... Continue Reading →

Perpetual State of Thought

Hello, Readers! I live in a state of perpetually questioning on rather I'm doing the right thing. Am I writing in the right genre for me? Is my process for writing really working for me? And many more questions that are along those same lines. I constantly get into these cycles of thought. To 'fix'... Continue Reading →

Alone With One’s Thoughts

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog. I am one that enjoys spending time in thoughts. Sure it has the side effect that sometimes I spend too much time that way. That I overthink and overanalyze everything, but I also have the extremes of not doing any of that as well. I sort of numb... Continue Reading →

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