A Reset To January

Hello, Readers! What a first week of the year, am I right? Like the end of last year, that week ran me over. In my darkest moments, I really did think it was a sign for how this year would go. I was wrong. Once I put my wheels back on track and dug in,... Continue Reading →

The Excitement is Overwhelming

Hello, Readers! As some of you may know the cover reveal for Malevolent Mind is coming up on Friday. I can't begin to express how excited I am for this milestone. It's been killing me not to post this cover up everywhere possible. I do have to say along the journey that I have met... Continue Reading →

Birds, Fish, and a Giant Cow

Hello, Readers! Interesting title, huh? Glad I got your attention. That title literally explains my Valentine's Day. Let me explain. Yesterday I did my work early in the morning, but it was a rough one for me. I had to lay down to take a nap as the inversion we are facing here in Utah... Continue Reading →

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