Applying My Focus

Hello, Readers! I have spent today following my strategy and applying my focus. While I need to work on setting my schedule and sticking to it. For the first time, in a long time, I've managed to sit down and really put in some writing time. My novel is back to making forward progression, which... Continue Reading →

The Mentality Behind Life Changes

Hello, Readers! As most of you know I've been on a journey to improving my life on so many fronts. From my mental state to my physical, to my career, and my finances. You've probably also seen me fall off these wagons time and time again, but you've also seen me get back to them.... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Learned

Hello, Readers! First off, let me apologize now for the negative tone of Don't Dim Your Light. It wasn't intended to be that way, but I have had many bring it up to me that it sounds that way. That I am upset because of something someone said to me. Please understand that was not... Continue Reading →

Time at the Duck Pond

Hello, Readers! Yesterday, I finished dying my daughter's hair the Crimson Obsession color that she picked out. After that, the hubby man and I decided to take our dog to the Duck Pond. It was so much fun. I took our camera and took a lot of nature photos. I'm hoping one day to afford... Continue Reading →

My Eyes on the Prize

Hello, Readers! Many of you will notice that I've been in a fairly negative headspace. Even for my blog posts, which I try to keep mainly positive, but truthful. My job here isn't to drag people down because I feel down, but to hopefully inspire, and to connect with those that read my blog. I... Continue Reading →

Inner Critic

Hello, Readers! This will be what I consider my Monday blog post. While it is a day late, it is here none the less. I'll explain more in detail some of the things that have plagued me since Friday of last week, which took me some time to discover what it might have been. As... Continue Reading →

Weathering the Storms

Hello, Readers! I swear, every time I think I'm headed in the right direction another wrench falls. Tuesday found me in a fit of worry as my oldest daughter had been caught the night before in monsoon type rains. The vehicle she was coming home in had slid from the road and it was too... Continue Reading →

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