2018, January

Mastery of Self Review

Hello, Readers! I managed to finish another novel. It is my second of the year and I have to say that I'm quite happy with myself and my reading journey. While this one took me longer than I originally anticipated I did get it finished. It was by no fault the book's fault that it… Continue reading Mastery of Self Review

2018, January

My Reading for the Week

Hello, Readers! Like you read on Monday my reading hasn't been going hot. I have been working my way through Social Media for Writers. I will admit to skipping some of the pieces as they are social media that I'm simply not interested in started currently. While the information on blogs and such has been… Continue reading My Reading for the Week

2018, January

Eclectic Taste in Books

Hello, Readers! Happy Wednesday! I hope that so far your week has proven to be a fairly good one and if you're in the more frigid area that you're finding a way to stay warm. While I have gotten some writing done yesterday it wasn't enough to make me feel truly proud about it, but… Continue reading Eclectic Taste in Books

2017, July

Weathering the Storms

Hello, Readers! I swear, every time I think I'm headed in the right direction another wrench falls. Tuesday found me in a fit of worry as my oldest daughter had been caught the night before in monsoon type rains. The vehicle she was coming home in had slid from the road and it was too… Continue reading Weathering the Storms

2017, June

Another Day in the Writer’s Boot Camp

Hello, Readers! As I go through the Writer's Boot Camp I've found some days are easier to accomplish than others. It isn't a matter of getting up early enough. Surprisingly I haven't had a problem with the rising early enough to get it accomplished, however, there are other things that are more difficult. Yesterday was… Continue reading Another Day in the Writer’s Boot Camp

2017, May

End of School Chaos and Teething Toddlers

Hello, Readers! Wow, some days go by way too quickly for me. I swear I'm going to get up and be on track and next thing I know the hubby man is telling me it is bedtime. It's completely crazy how that works for me these days. It hasn't helped that our weather has been… Continue reading End of School Chaos and Teething Toddlers

2017, March

Release Day Tomorrow!

Hello, Readers! I can't believe tomorrow will see the release of Malevolent Mind! I'm absolutely excited about it. Yesterday the paperback proof copy showed up so that I could go over it to approve that part of the release as well. It looks absolutely phenomenal. Pictures do it absolutely no justice. The matte finish for… Continue reading Release Day Tomorrow!

2017, March

Blurred Lines

Hello, Readers! I am not talking about that song in this post. Let me just clear that up from the beginning. In fact, I don't care for the song myself. However, what it does pertain to is my research I've been doing in trying to nail down my next project. I couldn't help myself. Even… Continue reading Blurred Lines

2017, February

The Excitement is Overwhelming

Hello, Readers! As some of you may know the cover reveal for Malevolent Mind is coming up on Friday. I can't begin to express how excited I am for this milestone. It's been killing me not to post this cover up everywhere possible. I do have to say along the journey that I have met… Continue reading The Excitement is Overwhelming