Finding the Balance

Hello, Readers! Man is it good to be back. We had a horrible bought of flu circle the family. It wasn't as if it took out all of us at once, but rather one at a time. Which is probably for the best as we only have two bathrooms here. Still, it left an entire... Continue Reading →

The Reasons Why #wordcountwednesday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to a wordcount Wednesday. I've really been working hard on the first book of the Treaty of Dragon series. I will release it in late August/early September time. The first book Dragon Bond has been lying dormant since last year and it was time I needed to pull it out, clean... Continue Reading →

The Fun in Life #Writerwednesday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to another Wednesday post. I'm sure I've changed the title from wordcount to writer, but that is okay. Not everything I post here will have to do with word count. In fact, most of it won't. I have a confession to make. As part of my perfectionism issue that I've talked... Continue Reading →

Reading Between the Edits #Writerwednesday

Hello, Readers!! Welcome back to another writer Wednesday. I thought I'd go over how important it is for you to read over your own manuscript between edits, rather they be self-edits or professional. When I first started on my own writing journey I didn't bother to do such a thing. Often times I discovered that... Continue Reading →

Active vs Passive #wordcountwednesday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to word count Wednesdays. My apologies for missing last weeks. I remembered only too late to get one up for that day. Understand that what I post here are things that I've learned over the course of my own writing career. I'd like to go over the difference between passive vs.... Continue Reading →

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